Some of our clients requested that we get ICC certification on some of our most common helical pile and helical anchor products, so we did. In fact, we received it on all of them.

The IDEAL Team has always been fully committed to delivering consistent, high-quality product and now we have the the ICC certificate to prove it.
All of our standard helical pipe pile products are now ICC Certified in accordance with Acceptance Criteria 358.


  • 1.50” RCS
  • 2.875” x .203” W.T.
  • 2.875” x .276” W.T.
  • 3.500” x .216” W.T.
  • 3.500” x .300” W.T.

View the full report here: ESR-3750 IDEAL MANUFACTURING.

Our team is very excited about this new development as another way to better serve the industry.

We’re always looking for new ways we can be better so we can continue providing the best. Feedback is always welcome here.

– Your IDEAL Team