NYC – 126 STELCOR® Micropiles to 75’ for a 14-Story Addition at Draper Hall

Stelcor Micropiles Used for Draper Hall

OVERVIEW: The 14-story Draper Hall, located between Metropolitan Hospital and the East River, combines new construction with substantial rehab to an existing structure. The tower footprint was expanded to allow for double loaded corridors, 201 apartments, and a community center for the city’s … [Read more...]

Cornell University – STELCOR® DDM for Increased Column Loading In The Historic Rand Hall

Stelcor Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles at Cornell University

OVERVIEW: The 100-year-old Rand Hall at Cornell University is undergoing significant changes.   The top two floors of the building are set to become the home of the new Mui Ho Fine Arts Library.  The new called for the column loads to be increased but it was also imperative that the structure of … [Read more...]

NYC – Stelcor® in the Manhattanville Factory District for the Malt House Building

Malt House Renovation Made Possible With STELCOR® Micropiles

OVERVIEW: The foundation of the 100-year-old Malt House building had to be underpinned in order to allow 5 additional floors to be added to it. This building is in the Manhattanville Factory District - New York’s most important master-planned economic and urban revitalization project. The piles had … [Read more...]

NYC – 60 Stelcor® Micropiles For 5-Story Housing Units In Astoria

Tested to 100 ton ultimate with only .300” of movement at full design load.

OVERVIEW: A new construction, 5-story residential building in Astoria NY. Helical piles were originally specified for this project. CHALLENGE: The developer faced several challenges at this site. The biggest concern was the high water tables present. A redesign was issued, the loading was … [Read more...]

Stelcor® Piles at 14-Story Draper Hall in NYC – Full Case Study Coming Soon….

126 STECOR 1400 piles were spec'd for the foundations of Draper Hall at the Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan and were installed to a depth of 75'.

This video demonstrates the installation of Stelcor Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles at Metropolitan Hospital Draper Hall in New York, NY. Posillico Inc. installed the Stelcor piles to a depth of 75’ in an average of 50 minutes per pile. The Stelcor piles had an ultimate compression load of 340 … [Read more...]