We manufacture and distribute deep foundation systems.

IDEAL Group is a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of American-made deep foundation systems including the internationally patented STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropile, High Capacity Helical Pipe Piles, and Helical Piers and Anchors.

What We Do

  • Vibration-less installation causes no disruption to the surrounding properties
  • No soil is removed during installation
  • No spoils or cross contamination
  • No removal costs or environmental concerns
  • Can be installed in high water tables
  • Positive grout displacement
  • Higher capacities for comparable cross-sectional area of steel and grout
  • Minimal mobilization and demobilization costs
  • Lower cost per KIP of support compared to most other pile types
  • Exceptional lateral capacity
  • Predictable grout volumes and placement (unlike other grouted systems)

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IDEAL manufactures a wide range of round shaft helical pipe piles and anchors and round corner square shaft (RCS) helical screw piles and anchors. All products can be bare or galvanized steel. With helical pipe pile shaft diameters up to 24”, we are the leaders in the high capacity helical pipe pile industry. View HELICAL PILE CUT SHEETS here.

All of our standard Helical Piles, Helical Anchors, and associated Brackets and Hardware are ICC-ES Certified under ESR-3750-IDEAL Manufacturing, Inc. This includes 1.50” RCS (solid square shaft), 2.875” x .203” W.T., 2.875” x .276” W.T., 3.500” x .216” W.T., 3.500” x .300” W.T.

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IDEAL manufactures a wide range of stock and custom fabricated new construction and foundation remediation/repair brackets.

The IDEAL team is often called on to design and fabricate brackets to exact client specifications. This is another area where our design and production teams have become highly recognized for their innovation and skill.

Our highly efficient production processes and principles combined with our commitment to consistent quality allow us to provide foundation brackets with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

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The founders of The IDEAL Group started out working for their father’s general contracting business, C.S. Stroyer & Sons, founded in 1956. In the 80’s, the Stroyer brothers started a successful waterproofing and foundation repair business which quickly led to the opportunity to grow and shape the high capacity helical pile and micropile industries.

In the last five years we have logged 19 patents pending, improved many parts of the helical pile, developed and patented the STELCOR® Drilled-In Displacement Micropile as well as a modular boardwalk system called Greenwalk. IDEAL also became the first US company to mass produce high-capacity helical piles. We are a leader.

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It’s more than innovation and quality. We consistently deliver unparalleled deep foundation design support to the engineers we work with every day. What we do allows the engineers we work with to do more of what they do, more efficiently. It’s that simple.

Oh, and all of our most common helical piles are ICC-ES Certified. ESR-3750 IDEAL Manufacturing, Inc.

  • 74 Grand STELCOR install

  • STELCOR NYC- Draper Hall

  • 211 McGuinness Blvd - STELCOR


  • 12 3/4'' Helical Pipe Piles- IDEAL Group

  • STELCOR - Drilled-In Displacement Micropile